Thursday, 3 July 2014

Johns face is done

While I was out of the cold wind today and sitting inside with my heater working nicely I worked on my pixelation quilt. I was watching Bonnie Hunters QUILT CAM over at . 
I have glued all the 4500 little 1/2" squares onto the backing of a thin vielene. 
Now Johns face is complete. He shows up so well. 

I am surprised at how much it looks like the photo.
This photo of my son was taken only a few months before he passed away. This is a beautiful way to have him in my lounge with the family all the time now.

I am doing a workshop with my Heathcote group. Liz Allen put the photos into a computer 
programme and then printed off a pattern for us to follow. We had to purchase 16 different colours to get the effect. Then we had to cut them into 1/2" pieces. Yes, all 4500 of them. Now they are glued on  the next step is to raw edge appliqué them. That will be started next Wednesday. I'm not sure how that will go but we are going to give it a try.

(I might try to take another photo of it in better light tomorrow)


  1. really is amazing how much it looks like the photo!

  2. Amazing! 1/2" pieces. Glad you showed this. You did a great job figuring out the lights and darks.

  3. This is going to be amazing, Jo.

  4. oh my Jo it is so real, and i can only imagine how hard it is for you making this ,sending big hugs my friend,you are very clever and he would be so proud,xxxx

  5. You have done an amazing job and it will be a masterpiece. Very emotional to do but well done.

  6. Stunning. What a great way to celebrate your son's life xxx

  7. Hi Jo, what an amazing achievement to have created such a beautiful memory of your son. The likeness is perfect and you will treasure this forever I am sure.
    HUGS. Roz.

  8. this is amazing, what a wonderful way to celebrate your son's life, its is an incredible likeness. A treasured quilt with all the treasured memories you have.
    thanks for sharing, I am so moved by this


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