Thursday, 10 July 2014

Teaching them young

I had my 5 year old grandson here for a few days. He decided he wanted to make his mum and dad a cushion for a special surprise. So, what to do.... Well, his idea was a Murray River Cod for his dad and Hearts for mum.
Here goes.....
Tracing a picture of a fish onto fabric and then colouring it in.....

Then he traced some hearts on to vliesofix 

I then ironed them on to the chosen fabric and Nick then cut out the hearts

Now for the sewing... Nick was the foot control while I did the steering. He had to steer while I took a photo.....Such fun

Nick wanted to write a message to his mum and dad ...So here he his writing what he felt.....

Here is mum and dad with their present

Nicholas was so proud of himself and his mum & dad thought it was wonderful....


  1. Oh wow Jo what a lovely post,good on you Nick,he has done a wonderful job.xx

  2. Wow - he did a fantastic job and he looks pleased as punch!

  3. Awe...that's so sweet! :0)

  4. That is a pair of lucky parents! Nick did a great must be very proud.
    And you Grandma, the facilitator, the enabler, the helper, the teacher, kudos to you, too. You did a great job!

  5. What thoughtful gifts you made for your Mum and Dad Nick with grans help.. Well done!

  6. Well done, Nick. You have done a fabulous job on those cushions!

  7. Well done to both you and Nick. Great sewing

  8. Perfect post to rejuvenate under our Tuesday Archives KIDS SEWING theme!! An adorable post...I must have missed it while on summer vacation.

  9. That was great! Great Job to you both.


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