Monday, 21 July 2014

Slow stitching / knitting Sunday

This Sunday I worked on a few projects and linked up with Kathy at
First up was some much needed paperwork for the accountants visit this week. Something we have to do but not much fun. So then to relax........

Some secret hand stitching with a button 

and bindings...

I have done a lot of machine & hand stitching this week so I wanted a break while I watched t.v. tonight. On to some knitting..... I was inspired by reading Sheila's blog
Each month she does a different colour dish cloth. I found some cotton knitting thread and off I went.
Thanks for your tips Sheila.


  1. I love knitted dishcloths, the only kind I use. That striped binding is perfect on the Christmas quilt.

  2. You have been busy / what nice projects and variety : )

  3. Love that binding with that backing! Good Job!

  4. I love the red yarn for your dishcloth. I've taken a break from making them but will probably pick them back up again some day.

  5. Felicitaciones!!!!
    unos proyectos espectaculares

  6. That secret sewing looks very intriguing, Jo.

  7. What a sweet thing to say! Thank you. Wanda at shared this "goto" dishcloth knitting pattern with me. I knit dishcloths all the time as they are addictive. Give them away, donate them, use some of them myself.
    Love your Santa project. The stripped binding is perfect.

  8. So funny that you have caught the knitted dishcloth bug too. I have a whole drawer full! Such a nice simple way to keep the hands busy.

  9. Try as I might, I can't work out what that Secret Santa sewing is. Very creative photography there Jo. LOL

  10. Oh I love that Santa fabric!


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