Sunday, 20 July 2014

Scrappy blue day with a touch of RED

It's SCRAP HAPPY SATURDAY progress time.
I try to keep up with Angela over at Soscrappy and follow and make all the blocks she puts up in her RSC 14 SAMPLER.      WONKY GOOSE STAR BLOCK in scrappy reds.

I have done this months block for my 12" block swap partner Anna.
She wanted this BEARS PAW pattern

 Then I managed to get done my May-June blocks for Kilmore Quilters Honour Quilt.
I still have to do another 4 blocks to catch up.
I am doing mine in scrappy blues.

The names for these blocks are...
1C... Thomas De Courcy Meade.       6C...  Edward John Rule
3D...  Charles Wyndham Thomas.    5F...   William Bernard Bierne

Have a look at the page HONOUR QUILT 2014 by clicking on the tab at the top of this page. It tells you about the people that Maree has chosen to do a block for that were in the war.


  1. Hi Jo you have lots of beautiful blocks there my favourite is the very last blue one,the colours in that are gorgeous,well done and enjoy your sunday my friend.xx

  2. I LOVE the blocks you are making for the honors quilt. Where are the block patterns coming from?

  3. Perfect weekend work I think... well done Jo.
    Have a great Sunday now... :)

  4. Very nice blocks! I think you just helped me select my next graduation quilt for next year.... he wants blue and white and I think that setting of the bear paw might just be perfect. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

  5. You have been busy. Great job of keeping up with SO many projects.

  6. Interesting and novel blocks in the honour quilt.

  7. Cute little wonky star and I like anything blue and white, so pretty.

  8. Your Honor Quilt Blocks are wonderful. I like the color placeent.

  9. Love your red block, blue ones, too. My favorite colors.

  10. You do very nice work! I love the bear paw block as well as the red one. The red one looks a little bit 3D - so cool!


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