Saturday, 24 January 2015

My little trip away.

My friend and I had a few great days away in Adelaide. We went over to see the PARIS ICON fashion exhibition. So while we were there we thought we would catch up,with some other friends.
Last year in Cheryll's SANTA Sack swap I was partnered up with Mel from HERE at PINNYLEA CREATIONS. We have being getting to know each other over the past 7 months. I am sure I have asked her more than once quite a few things. I do seem to forget easily. When I new I was going to Adelaide I emailed Mel to see if she wanted to meet.  Of course she said yes. So meet we did.
I am sure that we will meet again. Hopefully Mel will make it over to Melbourne soon.
Until then we will be following each other in Blogland. Thanks Mel.

We had fun just talking, eating and shopping. Mel wasn't really familiar with the city but we had a great time. Especially after I had a large coffee. After spending a few hours together we went our seperate ways. My friend and I enjoyed the Exhibition. We walked so much and we passed this Haigs store so often we just had to stop and buy something. Then we met up with a group of friends and enjoyed a nice dinner at LaTrattoria. A very nice restaurant.

Our hotel was The PLAYFORD and did we enjoy it.
Look at the way we relaxed when we returned home from dinner.

The following day we walked, shopped and ate all over again.
Here is the stunning Adelaide Arcade. What a lovely selection of specialty shops.
We enjoyed a lovely Japanese lunch here.

Then for dinner we went to Jamie Oliver's Italian Restaurant.
It was just lovely. A very nice way to finish our stay before a taxi back to the airport.


  1. Looks like a wonderfully relaxing trip.

  2. Wow awesome that you got to meet Mel and Thankyou for sharing your wonderful day,what a wonderful pics of a wonderful time.xx

  3. I've been to Adelaide a couple of times, but always on business. Never had the time to do all the lovely things you got up to. Love the photos of the arcade - stunning floor.

  4. You certainly packed a lot into 36 hours Jo. It was great to meet you and Victoria; hopefully next time I'll visit you xx


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