Sunday, 4 January 2015

Happy New Years to everyone and lets get sewing

Hi everyone and a HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL.
I have been away for the weekend on our maiden voyage with our new Basil bus.
We had a quiet New Year's Eve. I didn't even see it in...
Then we packed Basil and off we drove. Friday saw us visit my brother, SIL and nephew in Tocumwal. Really enjoyed catching up with some stories, bbq and of course some drinks. We stayed the night in the dreadful heat but we managed. It's so hot......
On the road again and we had lunch in a cool pub in Wodonga... A few coldies were our medicine.
The drive took us to Tallangatta and we booked in to the local caravan park. Under a shady tree and overlooking the lake we set up camp. Boy was it hot... I think about 42 deg..

It was nice to just sit but I don't really handle the heat too well. Luckily we had a fan that was on us all night. We watched a movie then off to sleep.
The next day we had a beautiful brunch at Taste cafe in Rutherglen. What a lovely little town. Then kept driving to visit our daughter and grandsons in Mansfield. We stayed the night at the caravan park. Sitting under the verandah, legs in the kiddies pool and enjoying a drink. How relaxing does that sound... Good but the heat was still with us.
During the night was woken by a great crash and bright light. Thunder and lightning storms. It was loud. Took the real heat off the area but not all of it. Slept til about 9am then back to the grandsons and breakfast. Packed up and set off home.
How nice.... I have done all the washing, unpacked and repacked Basil. Had a nana nap, cooked tea and am now enjoying the refreshing 22 degrees.
Catching up on all the blogs. I did manage to read a few while I was away but no comments. I have also sat down and done a little slow stitching on this Sunday so will link up with Kathy too.
A great way to finish this long weekend and to start off the new year.....

 My Hexies have gone from this.....
To the next step and plan a few more
Making progress
 And my Hexie is finished
This is a project we were handed out at the XMAS break up party with the Heathcote quilters.
We are to make 1 of these Hexies. If you hand 1 in you get a ticket in the draw. The winner gets all the blocks made. Then you need to decide what to do with them. 
I have enough fabric and designs to make 4 so I will be slowly working on them. I'm not sure when they have to be done by.
Hope to catch up with all of you in Blogland over the next day or two....


  1. Hi Jo glad you had a safe trip home sounds like you had a wonderful trip and glad Basil behaved himself in the heat,you will have to show us a pic of Basil or send me one,love your hexies,enjoy your evening my friend.xx

  2. Sounds like a lovely relaxing trip. You did well to survive the terrible hot weather we've been having. Lovely hexies

  3. Sounds like a wonderful trip and there's some great hexie progress along with it! :)

  4. Sounds like a great trip and some relaxing handwork. I dislike the heat as well - thank goodness for AC.

  5. We have freezing rain and slippery roads.... Glad to hear the heat wave has broken and you are more comfortable for sewing!

  6. Can't imagine it being so warm while the snow if flying and the wind is howling outside my window!
    Love this hexie block... wouldn't it be so fantastic if you won all the blocks?!?!
    Thanks for linking up!

  7. Happy New Year Jo...what a great way to start the year, having Basil take you road was hot here but thankfully not that hot, the drop in temperature was a welcome relief yesterday to at least cool the house down...well done on getting one of your hexie blocks done...

  8. So the fun begins with Basil. So glad all went well Can't do much about the weather
    I spent my teenage years in Mansfield Love the place

  9. Your hexie block looks so neat and so colourful.

  10. Happy New Year!

    It sounds like a lovely get away (except for the 42*)!

  11. Here we call them "block lotteries" make a block and get one ticket for each block...Good Luck!! I look forward to a snowy Christmas and New Year's. I can't imagine 42 degrees...but your pics are making me long for summer!!

  12. Grand start to the year.The hexie looks good and like you I was so glad of that cool change.

  13. I don't really like hot weather - love that A/C! Sounds like you had a wonderful road trip. Your hexies look great and I hope you win.

    I see we use the same type of thimble. I only use a thimble for quilting but that style is such a really comfortable one!

  14. Happy New Year to you too Jo. Pleased Basil behaved on his maiden journey. The pictures look amazing but pleased it's now a lot cooler for you x

  15. Sounds like you had a wonderful New Year's trip and got lots done on the hexies. Hopefully the temps are still on the cool side.


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