Monday, 26 January 2015

I have linked up

Today I am joining in with lots of other bloggers and linking up with
They have a great following with their OPAM (one project a month). The aim being to encourage all to try and finish at least one project a month to share with all our blogging friends.
I have already started the year out good so I hope I can keep it up.
Everyone's projects will be listed by the end of the month.
Look for my growing list at the top of this page under the Heading OPAM 2015

Next I want to be on top of things when I need some XMAS gifts. I have decided to join in with 
NARELLE . So watch out between the 25th & the end of the month for a post about an XMAS item I have finished. 

These are both new to me so I hope I can keep up and get it right.


  1. I just linked up with OPAM 2015. Thanks for the information about it. I guess that even when Quilter's Garden has ended we will still be in touch. Good luck on your UFOs!

  2. Sounds like you have a plan to get more finished and be ready for Christmas. Good luck with both programs. I decided not to do OPAM, their rules for what was finished were a bit too strict for me since I don't quilt my own projects.

  3. You will finish all you set out to do. Good incentive though.

  4. Hi Jo, thanks for the thumbs up, I have joined in, today. Kind Regards, O'faigh


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