Sunday, 15 March 2015

Another AUSSIE HERO QUILT on its way

I have had fun designing and making this quilt. I saw a photo on Pinterest and took the idea and made it fit the size required. This is for a special person on deployment. Thanks to Jan-Maree from
for all the organising she does. There is a lot of work to coordinate this group. So many quilts have been made and donated by all over AUSTRALIA. Well done everyone.
Here are mine....

The laundry bag.


  1. That's really funny. I saw the picture of your quilt, briefly, and thought "That reminds me of a Lego figure". Then, of course, when I read the whole post, that was exactly what it was. Well done, Jo, it's great. My son was a great Lego builder and our little granddaughter loves it too. Uncle Chris would have been proud of her.

  2. wow that is gorgeous!
    you have done a great job

  3. How clever of you to make a Lego man! He looks great, Jo.

  4. HI! Jo, You are so clever making the Lego man .He looks amazing. I could never work that out.

  5. A very fun quilt! It is definitely going to be enjoyed by that someone special!

  6. Looks just like a Lego man should . You are amazing!

  7. Not a quilt fan but absolutely crazy about Lego :D
    Looks so cool and someone is going to absolutely LOVE it!!! Well done!


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