Wednesday, 4 March 2015

PIF WINNER, item sent and received

Terry was my winner with PIF.

Here is what I made and sent.
A folder cover made with lots of 1" finished half square triangles.

And on the inside you can put your patterns, WIP in plastic sleeves, pens.... Whatever you like.

I know Terry was happy with it             BUT
Mmmmm the postage.... $30.... that is what you have to accept when you take part in overseas giveaways and swaps. It is a pleasure to share our craft....

These were the rules


  1. It is exquisite, I'm sure Terry will treasure your gift... despite the horrendous posting fee ;)

  2. Really lovely gift for Terry and yes I know how expensive mailing can be overseas .

  3. I love it and will think of you every time I see it! And yes...postage overseas is crazy expensive.

  4. My goodness. That is quite an accomplishment with all those mini triangles. I hope the recipient knows the work that went into this.

  5. Your gift is beautiful and I am so impressed with creating something so lovely from tiny triangles. Fabulous! Postage costs are quite ridiculous - same in the UK and NZ. Such a shame because it puts you off sending anything anywhere! Some of the swaps I took part in a few ago I wouldn't now because the postage would be horrendous.

  6. Hello Jo,

    What a wonderful gift for Terry. I am always careful how I package gifts now. You don't realise how much a padded bag weights until it comes to post it. I usually re-cycle postage bags. The plastic ones are good to turn inside out and put a label on.

    Happy days.

  7. Congratulations to Terry. You did a beautiful job with the cover.


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