Tuesday, 31 March 2015


I really enjoy reading everyone's blogs. I came across Sheila's quilt world blog.
She has organised a Postcard swap. I have not seen this before so I signed up and joined in.
My first time ever and I really enjoyed making them.
It was a SPRING and EASTER theme... Northern Hemisphere.
I had 2 partners and this is what I have sent....

I am not sure if they have been received so I will not mention which one is for who.
When they get them and I get mine I will post names and blogs. 
I loved making them and hope to do it again.
Thanks Sheila....

( I had forgotten that this post was scheduled with everything that has been going on. I will get to doing an update soon. My 2 partners have received them and I have mine. Won't be doing a post for a few days though)
Thanks again everyone for your support.....


  1. Your postcards are so cute! :0)

  2. I love my postcard Jo , thanks ever so much , it is just so cute .

  3. Your postcards are gorgeous, Jo. I love the egg house one.

  4. I especially like the Spring one but well done on both. Hope all went as well as could on Tuesday. Had you in my thoughts.

  5. Those are so darn cute and fun, Jo! I have decided you are the swap queen.

  6. Great postcards. The little pink house reminds me of The Hobbit


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