Sunday, 9 August 2015

Boxy Zipper purses....

Friday night I finished the hand sewing on these little purses.
They were so much fun to make and so very cute....
I was given some zips from Liz....
She asked if I could make some things for the Kilmore Trade Table.. These are some of what I will do. I might make some bigger ones or the triangle ones... Mmmmmm

I received one as a gift a while back and Sheila
has made more. They look so cute. I followed her link to this you tube tutorial.
You can also print the pattern. They can be made in any size once you know how. &&&&& don't be scared of the zip. It was easy....

OPAM= 12


  1. Really cute Jo...12 zips you deserve a medal...I go running screaming if I have to put one in..xx

  2. OMG Jo these are so lovely. You are a devil for punishment making so many. Zippers and I don't seem to like each other for some reason

  3. wow Jo you dont muck around,such lovely finishes ,well done my friend and thankyou for the link xx

  4. I love these cute little purses. Can't get my head around how fast you work. You seem to get an idea, act on it straight away and, lo and behold, there is a table full of finishes items! Very impressive. Zips scare me but perhaps I should try this project. I have added the blog post to my Pinterest Bags Galore board so hopefully I will give it a try.

  5. They look say simple, but I'd be put off by the zippers!

  6. Very cute. I bet those will go fast.

  7. Lovely Jo, I am sure these will sell fast.

  8. They are soooooo cute!!!! Good for you, girlfriend! I was always hesitant when it came to zippers. Avoided them when possible. Used them when I had to. But these zippers are SUPER EASY! Bet your Teeny Tiny Zipper Pouches sell fast : )

  9. Hello Jo,

    Oh these will sell like hotcakes. Love the assortment of bright fabrics you used.

    Happy days.

  10. What a cute wee purse. Great to carry your keys or some change....

    Love the beanies in your previous post too.

  11. Cute little purses. You were busy.


  12. Now they look manageable. Glad that you could use the zips.

  13. Great Boxy Zipper purses, how clever you are to make so many

  14. Love those little purses Jo.... thanks for the link to the pattern. Bet they fly off that trade table! Think you might be getting asked for


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