Monday, 3 August 2015

Mmmm well my past few days

My good machine was in getting a service and readjustment with timing issues and other stuff.
Well my hubby and I decided to go shopping for Basil, our bus...... So off to Mildura we headed. Only a 5 hour drive, night in a motel, dinner at a pub, shopping the next day and home. It was so good.
I crocheted all the way there and back. I am making a baby shawl for my stepsons girlfriends baby....

Hubby and I had a great time talking and laughing, telling stories and just communicating... A great trip....

We got what we wanted for Basil. Hopefully can go away in him again soon.

When we hot home I had a call from the sewing machine shop. My machine is ready... Whoo hoo....
I miss my sewing and quilting. I really haven't had it here for a month...
Here I go to pick it up. Off an hour away to Coburg and talk to the technician.... All is good. Seems ok.. So while I was in the area I thought I'd go to Darn Cheap fabrics shop. I hadn't been there before but it was only 10 minutes down the road... So glad I did. What a bargain I got....
27 metres for only $107.
These will be great for any male quilts I have to do... What a great price....
These were only $5 per metre

And this lovely Xmas fabric was only $2 a metre. Of course I bought the whole lot left on the bolt... Yep 9.5 metres. Watch out for all the projects this will be used in...
I will definitely be going there again........

Then I got home and tried my machine.
I was trying to get it to work with the new Westalee rulers and foot to do great quilting.... I had been having trouble with it..... But guess what. It worked.... The tech got it right..
My machine sewed with any fabric, threads and foot. It was great. I even enjoyed using metallic, invisible, silk, sulky, quilting, rassant and whatever other threads I had. They all worked...


  1. Glad your sewing machine is safely back and working. Good buys with the fabrics.

  2. all those star fabrics!

  3. You did good shopping! A machine working well is a great pleasure. I imagine their joy.

  4. Glad the machine is working and the quilting looks great. Darn Cheap is my go to shop... love it and you can get bargains that's for sure. Not so good if you run out and want that extra 50 cm but I usually get what I want from there.

  5. You came home with some great fabric finds. Glad your machine is back up to snuff.

  6. Yeah so pleased it is finally fixed looking forward to seeing more great quilting from you and what a bargain hunter you are - well done.

  7. Hi Jo,wow what bargains you got and boy I sure do love your FMQ ,well done xx

  8. Great bargains Jo... and when you use it... you'll have a smile on your face knowing it's cost. xox


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