Friday, 14 August 2015

My spring sew-a-long

Well that was a little bit challenging. I'm not sure if I was not concentrating, cut the wrong sizes or just messed up but I had trouble making things fit.,I know it doesn't help when you are changing the width of the rows. I got there in the end.....
I prepared this row over a few days and I will be taking it with me to my NOTY quilt group for a day of hand stitching. Yep all ready to go and I got it finished....
I'm really happy with it.

Now I have to go and add to the houses row to match this width. I have made the quilts for on the line as well.....


  1. Jo that's a really sweet row..what quilt is this for?

  2. Oh this is going to be a real cute quilt I'd say. Love this block. xox

  3. Very cute! Glad you got all the measurements to work out.

  4. what a cute row. Your fabric colours are beautiful.I would love to join in with this. Happy Stitching.


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