Tuesday, 25 August 2015

More knitting finishes

I have knitted some more Dishcloths. I tried this new cotton yarn I bought from the quilt show in Melbourne. It was good to knit with and knitted up thicker. It was equivalent to about a 10 ply. For $5  a ball it was good value. 2 dishcloths from 1 ball....
I have tried a new snowman pattern, then did more with words, flower shape ones and just plain ones.. There was another one but I have already gifted it....
Another 9 to add to my monthly finishes.....


I received this email asking for help. With mums yarn of course I can help. I know it's short notice but I can do it. If you want to join in so can you....

I am knitting these squares using up 8 ply yarn. Working on size 4mm (no 8) needles and casting on 40 sts. This works lovely for my tension. Then to make sure the squares work out to the correct size my hubby made this blocking board. Old odd knitting needles from mums stash and an old piece of laminated board. Drill some holes, cut off the heads of the needles, poke into the holes.... Done....
Place knitted squares over the needles and push down. Spray with water and put on another one.
Leave a gap in between for air flow. Wait til the dry and you have a lovely square 20 cm (8") square.


  1. Your dishcloths look great. You have a clever hubby - it works a treat!!

  2. Jo the snowman dishcloth is sooooo cute...clever girl.

  3. Love your gorgeous dishcloths Jo - you are so very clever

  4. Cute dishcloths! Love the snowman : )

  5. Fgorgeous dishcloths. They are all lovely and the snowman really does look wonderful.

  6. Love the two tone dishcloth especially. Clever hubby with the blocking board. Well done all round. You still amaze me at how much you do.

  7. You are finding such good uses for your Mother's yarn stash. Those wash cloths are so bright and fun. Well as fun as something to be used for washing can be.

  8. Great use of yarn...and what a clever hubby you have. Wonderful project ... Health and well being week... Hope they get lots of squares. Xox


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