Monday, 24 August 2015

My day in the city.

what a great day we had.....
We walked, shopped, talked, ate and had fun.
We visited and geocached. Now that was a learning curve . Thanks to Sue & Mel...
Thanks to my driver for getting me there. She knew exactly where we were going. I had no idea. I did have a gift in hand....
This is what I gave.....

My stitched journal cover. I just love the pen holder. I did put in a pen instead of the pencil.
I also added some thread, some flavoured tea, a latte sachet and a knitted dishcloth.
I hope it was well received by Barb.
And what I received..... From Marg.
It is so lovely. Thank you.....

If you want to see what we got up to then have a look here for some great photos.
I didn't take my camera...
SHEZ,  Shez,  MEL  & SUE.
There are some great photos on these blogs. 
We even got to visit with the QUEEN.
We had so much fun...

My  SLOW STITCHING SUNDAY  day was spent doing some x stitching and joining in here.
Well, I am so new to this cross stitch scene. I have finally tried something little. Nothing like the beautiful work I have seen here but none the less I have done something.
I made a little design in 2 sizes.  One in 18 count and the other might be 14 but I'm not too sure.
I can't believe everyone else's beautiful work in such a finer count of canvas.. They are all so inspiring.
Anyway here is what I have done..... It has taken me quite a while...
Thanks to Kaye for setting up this SAL

Thanks Narelle for pushing us along to make 


  1. Love the cover you gave Jo, you did great job. Looks like a lot of fun on Saturday and just love your cross stitch.

  2. Hi Jo it was such a fun day,i had so much fun and as usual you had as laughing non stop,lol you are such a charactor,lol.
    I so enjoyed watching you all opening your journal packages,i love the one you made it was really lovely with the pen holder in the trunk and how beautiful is the one that Marg made for you,wonderful swap ladies,well done to you all xx

  3. oops forgot to say i love your santas i havent had the time yet to start on mine,well done Jo xx

  4. So glad you are one of this fabulous group of women. Such a fun day, I laughed so much.

  5. Love how the pen holder is the tree trunk! Nice hand work and it sounds like a fun day with your friends!

  6. Looked like a great day! Lots of happy quilters , your journal cover was lovely, good idea for the pen holder. I've never done Cross stitch( don't think I would enjoy all that close work and counting) but lots of my friends have made some fabulous pictures.


  7. Welcome to the world of cross stitch. A lot of stitchers start there, you have reversed the trend!!! Check out my daughter's cross stitch on Instagram (AlexHulett) for some inspiration - her mother taught her well. Great to catch up again and have such a fun day. xxx

  8. Sounds like another fun filled day. Lots of beautiful gifts swapped.

  9. Love that journal cover with the pen holder... so creative!
    Lots of eye candy for the slow stitchers on your post... thanks :)

  10. The journal cover you made is stunning Jo....and a beautiful gift parcel!! we had such a good day, my face was sore from laughing!!
    Your cross stitch is lovely, isn't something I have tried.

  11. Sounds like a good time was had by all. Both journal covers are amazing, you and your friends are very talented.

  12. Your cross stitch looks fine for a beginner Jo!. Beautiful gifts you gave and received!

  13. Your dishcloths look great Jo. I love the snowman one. Both covered journals are gorgeous. I'm sure Barb loved the one you made.

  14. Looks and sounds like you girls had a ball. Lovely gifts exchanged too. Have you stopped smiling yet? Xox


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