Sunday, 5 March 2017

182 Solstice sewing with friends

This Friday night I am sewing away with my cyberspace friends. Here is what I'm up to.
My summer/winter solstice block is done. I am loving these colours. Thanks Mari. This was a quick and easy 12" block.. Block number 10.

I also managed to get the last Dear Jane block done for this month. 2 weeks before the next meeting date. I had a bit of fun with this block. Totally not done the same way as anyone else. My centre square is done like the 3 d Bow tie method. It is like a little pocket under each of the angled edges in the centre. Then the cream pieces were squares folded in half and sewn onto the background square. Next I turned back the folded edge and stitched down making a curve. Like the Cathederal windows. The centre of this block has a lot of fabric and thicknesses but it worked out very good.
M 13

Linking up with all the gals over at Cheryll's. FRIDAY NIGHT WITH FRIENDS.


  1. I like solstice block #10 - it would be awesome repeated on a whole quilt. Almost an Irish chain but with the added detail of the rectangles.

  2. Love your DJ block. The solstice block looks great :)

  3. Two beautiful blokcs Jo, well done to be up to date.

  4. Lovely blocks, I didn't start the solitice blocks although I was tempted .

  5. like you I am enjoying the solstice blocks also doing Pat`s Childrens library blocks. Dear Jane blocks looks good too

  6. Wow, what a great block Jo, beautifully done!

  7. Very clever how you made that one! I don't even remember how I did mine. I didn't follow the pattern in a lot of cases either, but I'm pretty sure I didn't do it like this.


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