Friday, 3 March 2017

Sharmaynes hexie.....

Well Sharmayne. You should have your little package by now. Sharmayne from COUNTRY fragrance Blog has been working on her special tablecloth for a few years. She asked if any of her followers would stitch their name, blog and where they are from onto a pretty background. The size was to fit a 2.5" edged hexie. I made one for her back when I was living in Lancefield.
Now that we are regular followers of each other's blog I thought I would do another one for her from my new town. I moved sat year and blogging has been the one constant which has helped.

The job I am doing now has just started long  1 hour lunch breaks. Too long to just sit and too short to really go and do anything. I prepared this block so I could take it to work and stitch through my break. I think it will be pretty.

And here it is ready to post. ....
Oops.. looking at this photo the last letter looks like an "e" but it is an "a"...
I kept it simple with a pretty design from Jenny of ELEPHANTZ designs.

Hope you like it Sharmayne and that your table cloth is growing..


  1. Looks great Jo... I'm sure Sharmayne will love it... xox

  2. what a good way to spend your lunch hour can see you getting many hand stitched projects done during the week whilst at work.

  3. That's a lovely thought, Jo. Definitely looks an "a" to me! Good idea to stitch during your lunch break. You might get some new stitchers from your work place.

  4. Great way to spend your lunch hour, looks really pretty.

  5. Goodluck with the new job... Plenty of happy hours stitching.....


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