Sunday, 26 March 2017

Doing something about the heat.

It has been extremely hot here over the past month or two. We are still trying to sort out what changes we need to do and want to do. Working out shade blinds was a challenge without it costing a fortune.
We have the sun on our back lounge windows in the morning and our bedroom late afternoon. Our house is rendered so it isn't easy working out where the bricks are or the mortar so you can get the screws in the right place. So this is what we decided.

 We bought some rods, spring fittings rolls of shade cloth.

Cut them into different size widths. 20cm wider than each window.

Sewed the edges and pockets on top and bottom.

Now look at the results. The black shade cloth matches the house nicely..
Fitted into the windows out side they don't look out of place. Boy they make a difference inside though... we are happy. They were easy to put up and can be taken down at any time. We will store them in the shed over winter..


  1. Great solution and they do look pretty good too!

  2. Great job, will make a big difference in keeping inside cool.

  3. Fantastic idea Jo, you would,not know they are there.

  4. what a good job you have done here, I think you are in Victoria here on the news today kit tells us about people being evacuated from Queensland due to a cyclone or similar I pray all will be well for everyone

  5. Clever folks! What a great job Jo.

  6. You clever cookies, the blinds look great and didn't cost a fortune...

  7. You are very clever! Hope the shade cloths work well.

  8. they look great. I must admit I had never seen outside shades or blinds on any house until we lived in Australia. It used to bug me how dark rooms were in daytime BUT once I lived through a very hot to me summer, it totally understood.... We get humidity at 20deg which is far worse than a Melbourne 38 degrees to me now though!

  9. What clever work, the shades look perfect.


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