Friday, 24 March 2017

Look what was in the mail...

My lovely friend Sue made and posted me this gorgeous gift. She is very talented and always does a great job with what she makes. Very kind and thoughtful.
A project bag... So handy to pack a project and take to sewing group meetings. The clear pockets make it so easy to see what's in there. It measures 12" x 16" closed up. Quite large.

All wrapped up in a bright fat 1/4... pretty blues and purples.
 All closed up. Beautifully quilted. Oh so clever.

 Needle threaded, quick unpick, heart pins, marking pens and a great little mini screwdriver set...
Perfect for glasses or your bobbin screws.

And then to my surprise was this gift delivered to my door.
A yummy gift from my friend Jo..
 A beautiful rose, chocolates and a bottle of bubbly..


  1. What wonderful surprises Jo...😁

  2. Fantastic surprises Jo!! You have great friends.

  3. lovely presents ypu have here and the project bag will be so useful, enjoy the chocolates and bubbly

  4. Happy Birthday Jo - some beautiful presents featuring in your posts. Your pink/purple quilt is just beautiful.


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