Thursday, 27 July 2017

4 quilts have been quilted....

I thought I would have trouble with quilting this one. It is polar fleece and flannelette.
I spray basted it and stippled it all over.
It was easier than I thought and no stretching. It didn't move and was done in less than an hour.
Very happy...

This quilt was small enough to scrunch up and keep turning. Round and round she goes..

Here is a close up of how I am quilting this one.
I have just gone round and round following the width of the walking foot. 
Yes, I have gone wobbly. The lines aren't even or straight. I am happy.
It has taken me twice as long as the stippling on the other quilts and used twice as much thread...
For a small quilt it took a few hours to quilt. It has come up great.
The finished quilt will be shown soon.


  1. Fantastic finishes Jo...the circles on the baby quilt look great.👍🏼

  2. Love those circles. Cute owls too. You have been very busy!

  3. It's great that you've gotten through that many tops! Now for a quilting marathon this weekend? :)

  4. Your quilting around the circles looks great! :) Awesome job.

  5. amazed that you got it quilted so quickly looks great


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