Saturday, 1 July 2017

My hubby has gone away for a days.

Hubby went to get some cuddles from the grandchildren. 
One night with the grand daughters and one night with the grandsons.

While he is away I have set myself up to make an Aussie Hero quilt.
FIRST..... Clean out the machine and give it an oil....
OMG.. This is embarrassing.
I could have made my own felt hat with what's in the bobbin case.

After looking at the little bit of dog fabric I have I went shopping. 
I could have made do but I just wanted to go looking. 

BONUS 50% off, even the clearance fabric.
Marked down to $5 a metre from originally $16pm I bought 3 metres for the backing and binding.

A visit to the library for a talking book to listen too.

And of course, something to eat and drink. Chinese and bubbles.

I have the pattern enlarged..

And the centre block is cut out ready to iron on...


  1. I'm sure your machine will thank you for that clean out. Enjoy your weekend of stitching!

  2. First...OMG!! I better check my machine as I bet I can join ya for some felt hat making! LOL!! And secondly...ENJOY your weekend!!! LOVE LOVE Personal home retreats like this...that backing is THE BEST!!! V

  3. I think I need to go clean out my machine!

  4. That is absolutely adorable little doggie you've got going. Enjoy your time sewing while hubby is out. It sounds like you've got things all nicely organized and ready to go. --Andrea

  5. OMG 😲 Jo I'm amazed your machine worked.. bet it sounded happier after the clean...
    Looks like you are well set up for a for days of relaxing sewing now. Enjoy 😊

  6. My Hubby came home Friday night from 3 days interstate for work. Managed to finally do some hand sewing, prune some roses in my garden and start knitting Prem Baby Beanies for you Jo.
    My machine hasn't been used in ages, it is probably full of cobwebs rather than lint.

  7. what a mess in your machine........enjoy your time looks pretty perfect to me.........

  8. Your machine should purr now. We are all slack at cleaning out the fluff. Love the dog, enjoy your few days alone.

  9. what a great buy the backing fabric was happy play whist DH is away and enjoy the takeaway and bubbly

  10. Sounds like you are totally organised for a great Sew In! Enjoy yourself. 😊😊

  11. Yeah! My sewing machine looks like that often too. Why do we wait so long to clean them when it is so easy?

    My husband leaves for a few days starting tomorrow. I won't be lonely though because I have my sewing projects to keep me company.

    Your dinner looks so good.


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