Thursday, 13 July 2017

Kids scrap quilt 2

In amongst the bag of scraps were all these polar fleece squares.
Too good to just through out.
The thinking cap is on and I have an idea..

I found this green flannelette in my stash. I think it's been there nearly 8 years. 
Time to use some up. I think the colour matches well.

I have left all the squares the size they were and just trim the edges straight.
I then added 2" strips randomly onto some sides. I built them up larger than I needed by using all the same strips. Once ironed I trimmed them all back to 8.5" and decided on this layout.

This is such a warm cuddly quilt. The polar fleece and flannelette work well together.

Now to choose a backing


elliek said...

Another winner,Jo and using scraps is the way to go. That flannelette wil be saying thank you!

margaret said...

such a cuddly this quilt will be, Was reading about using flanelette as a backing for baby bibs earlier today on a blog hoping to find some in the local shop tomorrow and have a go for my charity makes

Linda said...

I like the different block sizes. Great way to use those scraps and it will be so warm and cuddly.

Mari said...

Looks like a great save for those scraps. Sounds extra cuddly, too!

Maria said...

Another greatkids Quilt Jo....