Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Happy mail...

I have had some helpers make beanies for premmies,
Thanks to Jenny from....
For making and sending me these tiny and cute ones...
You are very kind to think of others.
In between your holidays too..

My lovely friend Sue has recently had a trip to England. 
She was so sweet to think of me while she was there and brought me home a lovely gift.

A beautiful fat quarter. (I'll use that in my Dear Jane), 
a pencil with a lovely topper 
and of course a sharpener.
They will be treasured.
Thanks Sue, my dear friend...


  1. Lovely beanies, great effort. Lucky you beautiful fabric.

  2. Beautiful little beanies, and a lovely gift from your friend.

  3. Beautiful wee beanies Jenny knitted.
    Sew nice of your friend Sue to bring back some gifts for you..
    we can always use a FQ and pencil ✏️ and it's great to have a sharpener.
    I'm always loosing mine.

  4. it is hard to imagine heads so tiny for these beanies. Nice to have some fabric from GB too

  5. Gosh what tiny beanies, perfect.


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