Tuesday, 12 September 2017


Our group has been doing some charity sewing...
There was a group of 7 or 8 of us the other night. We got the kids fabric out. Started cutting, sewing and ironing... There were so many different fabrics we decided to cut them into 6.5" squares and just make I spy quilts.

Then on the following Saturday about 6 of us got together and finished 14 tops..

The girls ones are already webbed together..

 Spreading all the strips out to get the fabrics mixed up.

 Strips are made and now to be sewn..

We have bought polar fleece to go as the backing. These will be put together "bagging" style as it is quick and no binding is needed. A small amount of quilting will be done. 

We are making these and passing them on to the police department. They then get given to all the children as they are removed from their homes, for so many reasons, and put into foster homes. They will have their own cuddle blanket.. They measure about 42" wide and between 48-56" long.

With other ones donated I think we have about 20 to hand over...


  1. I love I spy quilts. I'm sure the kids that receive them will love them.

  2. Wow, that's a lot of comfort from one group! I'll bet the kids will love the fleece on the back--extra cuddly.

  3. Beautiful thing to do, well done to you all

  4. so admire you and your group for making so many quilts for the children who must be so traumatised, colourful and sure to be loved

  5. Well done! That's an achievement.

  6. That is a wonderful way to use fabrics Jo... & will provide a little solace to the recipient in difficult times.

  7. Such special cuddle blankets.. Kids always love I Spy.. I like the way you've put in plain squares..

  8. What fabulous cuddle quilts for such a worthy cause. An excellent idea to bag them out. Well done to your group. You obviously work together very well a a team.

  9. Those are so awesome - and what fun!! the kids will love them

  10. Great to be making quilts like that, love an eye spy quilt myself!! They will be much loved.


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