Saturday, 2 September 2017

September is the start of spring.

It's time for the weather to improve, open the doors and windows and air out the house. 
It's alway better when the sun is shining.
I have been working on my movie challenge.
Here it is as each month has been finished. I have had a rough plan but it's time to act.

Of course my plan has changed and this is what I have ended up with.
All sewn together. A few adjustments were made but it is looking good.

Now to add the last months design.
Mmmm... still working on that.

Romance... Return to Sender... Ellis Presley 
Musical...... Wizard of Oz
Significant year to me..... 1964.... Mary Poppins.
Actor/actress..... Judy Garland.. a bit criptic so I did Xmas Garland.
Australian movie.... Picnic at Hanging Rock
Planes, trains and automobiles..... Herbie
Disney..... Aristocats... 
Animal (character).... I'm confirming if it is a real animal like Lassie or National Velvet or if it's animated character like  Bambie, babe, Winnie the Pooh, lion king..

I am also linking up over at Cheryll's for FNWF

So go have a read with what's happening in cyber space..


  1. Your Movie 🎥 flimsy is comping together nicely.

  2. Your Movie quilt top is looking great. Are those Dorothy's shoes I spy?

  3. Looks good! I don't recognise all the movies, but love the concept.

  4. Coming together very well Jo..will be a fantastic quilt.

  5. That's amazing ❤️Fantastic ido❤️

  6. I love it, Jo! It will be wonderful!!!

  7. Can't wait to see the finished movie quilt - looks so good! :)

  8. Well done on this one. I didn't even start it.

  9. What a clever idea for a quilt. I don't know the movie Picnic at Hanging Rock. I'll have to look for it.

  10. You always keep yourself so busy Jo. Well done at FNwF too xox

  11. Wow! Please tell me more about how you were inspired to make this Movie challenge quilt. I'd love to make one for my family. What do I need to get started?


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