Thursday, 14 September 2017

Mums crochet blanket is finished

I have been doing a little bit of crochet too.
I started this back in June when I found these pieces already Knitted in one of mums scrap bags of unfinished projects. I dragged them out.......

Now look at it. Yes, a bit wonky but with washing and use I'm sure it will be fine..

And here is my work lunch time crochet done... 40" x 48"

These are added to a charity box...


  1. So lovely to have your Mum's treasures to work on. Hugs...

  2. loving the blanket, Mum had a similar pattern she made for all the grandchildren, I now have it but have only made one maybe it is time to have another go

  3. Nice to get the hook out and finish some lovely projects

  4. How nice to finish Mum's work...

  5. Well done on another finish of your Mums work. Two beautiful blankets for the charity box.

  6. Lovely work by your Mum and you. Great to use the blocks and create something lovely x

  7. I love how busy you are doing fabulous creative things!


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