Monday, 4 September 2017

Sunraysia Patchwork Friends

This year it is time to have a quilt show.
Some clever ladies have used donated blocks and put their thinking caps on..
It is time to advertise and what better way than to show off what we do...
They sewed all these blocks together and made a car cover.

We were allowed to put the car in the shopping centre for a few days so we could sell raffle tickets.
You can see the Hunters Star quilt on the front of the car.
Let's hope we get a good turn out for our show and we sell lots of tickets...


  1. Clever car cover. Amazing what you can do with orphan blocks.

  2. Such am amazing way to advertise your Quilt Show. Great car cover and a beautiful raffle quilt.

  3. Those car covers are clever and should get lots of attention. Best of luck with the raffle. How much are the tickets Jo?

  4. Wow very clever ladies, good luck with the show.

  5. Very clever idea. Hunters star is a great quilt.

  6. amazing have never seen a car cover quilt before how wonderful. The hunters star seems to be very popular at block at the moment it is popping up allover the place.

  7. How great is the car cover! Hope you have a wonderful show.

  8. Great way to advertise, I bet you sold loads of tickets and had a wonderful time.


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