Wednesday, 10 January 2018

ABC Little Letters Quilt..

Thank s to Sheryl's great tutorial for this fun pattern..

I have started with this plan to make a bigger size kids quilt..

I wanted to make this one a bit bigger. 
The letters are all scrap fabrics. 
I decided to use one constant green and put it as the alternate blocks.
When I put the borders on it will be a great size.
 This one is as per the pattern. I am yet to put the borders on. The yellow is all the same for the letters..


  1. They both look wonderful Jo.

  2. Cute! I love ABC quilts! (Just so you know the top quilt that your laying out, is missing the letter S.)

  3. They both look great in the alphabet blocks.

  4. Holy Cow! Two great finishes there! I can't believe you made two.

  5. You did well making the ABC quilt bigger, love the teddy block..
    Sweet yellow one too.

  6. Great alphabet quilts! I think the yellow one is my favorite, but they're both lovely. I bet an older child will appreciate the bigger quilt. Hope you're not melting-- we're freezing!

  7. Yay for W’s! Great letters, Jo!

  8. What size do these quilts finish at?


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