Saturday, 6 January 2018

Breakfast fun with the boys.

When my grandsons were here I took them out for breakfast one morning. We had a little chat, play and food. It was fun to see them be silly.
 Having fun in the playground 

My hubby and I also went shopping for a fun gift for him. Going back to what we used to do before we had kids.. Playing darts. It's now set up in our spare room.


  1. Your grandsons look adorably mischievous - reminds me of my boys when they were young. :) We have a dart board in our basement but I really suck at playing so my husband doesn't bother with it much.

  2. Happy dart playing.. good to get back to “ before”. Breakfast is such a great thing to share especially when you don’t have to do the dishes.

  3. Special times with your Grandsons. Enjoy your darts x

  4. Happy, cheeky smiles. Enjoy your darts, I am useless at it, watch out anyone standing close, they are likely to lose a foot with my aiming.

  5. Fun with the grands! Yay! Yay! I bet they loved it. My husband and I played darts when we were first married too. I was so bad at first that I couldn't even hit the board.

  6. Lots like lots of fun with the boys and now you can also have fun with the big boy and play darts...


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