Friday, 12 January 2018

An Aussie quilt is on its way....

What more can I say but FOOD & WINE is a favourite of mine. This was my latest request for an Aussie Hero quilt.
Given that I live in an area that has lots of wineries it was fun to do. I found a great tea towel and used this as the centre of my quilt. I loved the fabric and wanted to keep it big.
Yes it was an easy quilt...
 Look at the difference in colour. The above was taken inside and below was outside.

Here is the back of the quilt. Some sweet treats. It's a little bit of food.

And here is the laundry bag..

I rented my own label but the fabric didn't pick up straight away.
The printing is missing at the start.
Rather than wasting the label I sewed some tone on tone to the side.
Then filled in the rest of the writing.


  1. A great finish in a wondeful programme. Well done...xox

  2. This turned out so lovely! I'm sure it will be well appreciated!

  3. A very fun quilt! Congrats on another finish.

  4. This is a wonderful quilt and laundry bag Jo, great fabrics for the theme. What do you print your labels onto?

  5. wonderful quilts and such a good idea to use a tea towel for the centre.


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