Monday, 1 January 2018

Getting ready for Xmas...

I know these are a little late but the festive season has been busy.....
First up.. I received this sweet decoration from Maria.
Thanks Maria....

Then my friend made these cute reindeers..

I finally got around to setting up my Christmas tree and wrapping presents just in time before the 
daughter and grandsons arrived...

Then we got on to making the Xmas punch....

And the fun begins.

Next thing we know it's Christmas morning and it's time to open the presents...

Oh boy. Time goes so fast...


  1. Lovely family photos, including John smiling in the background.

  2. Lovely decorating and love this evening containers for the punch!!!

  3. Great family time. Have a wonderful year this year.

  4. Yay! Family time is the best!

  5. Hard to believe it's over a week ago we had our fun family time...

  6. Love your Christmas card wallhanging. You all look so happy in your warm weather clothes. Glad you had such a fun family time.


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