Monday, 2 April 2018


Sunraysia Patchwork Friends have been busy..... 

The wonderful girls from the Sunraysia Patchwork Friends have been busy sewing laundry bags for our Rifle Company in Butterworth.... check this out...
They were received in the mail and the Chaplin TROY sends a very big "THANKYOU"

Our first project charity night at the group.

Barb thought she came for a visit that night.
She really was a great help. Barb has sewn for Aussie Heroes before and new exactly what to do.
Thankyou you Barb for all your help.
I know you were here for other reasons. Just look at it as a distraction.

Her are all the bags on the table ready to be bagged up and put in the post.

All pegged on the fence ready for photos...





This is why we make these bags. To support our service people and remind them we are thinking of them.  Thankyou to the ladies of Sunraysia  Patchwork  Friends for putting in such a great effort with the grand total of 56 bags..

And a message from the Chaplain, TROY....

Can you please pass on a huge thank you to  Jo Butterfield for the great LBs. 

This also goes to the whole group that made them and supported this great cause....


  1. OMG huge effort........well done.........

  2. That is a LOT of laundry bags. Well done everyone!

  3. 56 wow! What a wonderful thing to be a part of.


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