Thursday, 5 April 2018

Happy Scrappy knitting time.

I've been doing a little bit of knitting lately. My mum use to knit this pattern and make lots of gifts for everyone. I thought I did give it a go. It's the sameness as making the Knitted dishcloths but you pick up half the stitches down one edge of the square. These squares measure about 5" so I will need to make a few to get the width I need. I am using left over yarn from my diagonal crochet blankets.  This pattern doesn't require much thinking so is a great pick up & put down design. I have started with 41sts in 8 ply (double knit).

Once I have done the above block I am using the little scraps in this 10 stitch continuous blanket. I couldn't get my head around the written pattern but found a great video tutorial. (Link below). I have had to watch and knit along with the video a few times and will still do so for a few corners but it is becoming easier as I do more corners. The fact I can just use up every little scrap, pick up when ever I want and keep knitting makes me happy. So far a very portable project. I'll see how addictive it gets.

You only need short needles for this project otherwise they just are awkward. My mum was teaching a beginners class years ago and bought these to start the ladies off with. They are actually kids needles. See the happy face. A perfect size and I had them in my collection. Thanks mum. I knew I would use most of your stuff eventually.

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  1. That looks like a great idea Jo, am off to have a look at the link. Great way to use up left over bits of wool.

  2. A talented knitter I am sure. I have tried and failed too many times so I leave knitting to my Mum. Love the small needles. :)

  3. Such fun little scrappy projects to use up the yarn stash. Looking forward to seeing more...

  4. Just saved that on about coincidences. Will check out the link though. Like the needles with their smiley faces

  5. One of my Patchwork friends has been making a blanket like this for ages from sock wool. She just adds to it when she has some odds and ends or someone gifts her some leftovers. It's really lovely.

  6. I've seen a couple of completed 10-stitch blankets, but I hadn't seen how they start off before. Great!
    I don't need another project, I don't need another project,... I do have a bit of wool stashed away though...

  7. how great that you are making similar knitted projects as your mom. It is a tribute to her for sharing her talents with you.


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