Thursday, 19 April 2018

Spotlight bargain shopping

I recently had an impromptu visit to Spotlight. Of course there was a sale on..
Clearance fabric was 50% off if you bought 3 or more metres. But, if there wasn't that much on the end of blot you got that piece half price too.
My total buy was 23.3 metres for $76..
I'm very happy.

This was a great find.. I was only charged $1.50 for it. Imagine the squares cut up and alternating fabrics added. Maybe some sashings. I think I could get 2 quilts for Aussie Heroes with it. I know it's a Xmas design but it also features cars. Who knows what I'll do with it in the end.

We have Mystery Quilt sewing night coming up. It's a fund raiser for charity.
We need 3 colours . This is the start. I. Not sure if I use a white tone on tone (from stash) or go and buy a piece of green. I'll wait and see what my mood takes me to.

Our group has just got a new book in the library.
It's called "MODERN VIEWS with 3-Yard Quilts" by Donna Robertson.
The quilts in this book only use 3 colours (light, medium & dark) and a yard of each to make the size quilt I need for Aussie Heroes. This fabric will be my first make.

Cream tone on tones are always being used.

A lovely red to add the the Xmas stash.

Always loving a bargain.


Crystal_235 said...

Looks like you found some fun fabric!

Linda said...

You certainly know how to spot the bargains!

jacaranda said...

Apart from some retail therapy, great bargains.

cocoya said...

Looks fantastic Jo.


Maria said...

You sure did get lots of fabric for only $76.. How would one of the cream tone on tones go with the top two ???
The three fabrics look great for the Modern Quilt.
Just posted the placemats I made using the easy binding method you did.
Hope you don't mind as I linked it to your post...

cocoya said...

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Vireya said...

Got to love a bargain!