Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Comments aren't being emailed and privacy policy is here.

As we are all experiencing this annoyance of comments not being emailed we have to put up with it until it is sorted out. I hope you know I am reading your comments but can't reply easily.

I have also added a privacy policy tab at the top of my page.
Not sure if it covers everything but I have tried.


jacaranda said...

Yes, I am having the same problem, Vireya suggested I tick the box Notify Me, so here goes, will give it a go.

Jo said...

I did not get this emailed and have replied in the comments section on blog.

Vireya said...

As Jenni said, I've made a comment on my own blog post as soon as I post it, clicking the little box labelled "Notify me". If you click that, any new comments made will be emailed to you. They won't have the email address of the person, but if it is someone you know you can forward a reply to them anyway. It won't work for old blog posts, but at least it is more convenient than having to either check your blog all the time, or go to the Blogger dashboard to see if there are any new comments.

It would have been nice if Google had explained what they were doing and why!

Sheila said...

I have noticed this, too. Rats!

Jo said...

It is annoying everyone.

vaiybora said...

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