Monday, 14 May 2018

The only sewing i did while away

When I went into the city of Melbourne I took a little sewing project.
1/2" Hexies. A project I started years ago on a sewing cruise.
Class was with Jane MacDonald.
Well it was a little carry along project.

Then I continued it while looking after the grandsons.

I was also asked to sew on my grandsons Karate patch
How could I refuse.

I managed to get 2 finished.

Not sure when I'll get back to them but they will always be there.


dq said...

Those hand projects are always nice to have around for those moments when you don't have a machine. I love hexi quilts but don't like making them. It is the only form of hand work that I think I don't care for.

kiwikid said...

They look great Jo, is always good to have that kind of project to grab when you want some hand sewing. Always good to be handy with a needle around the children!!

Vireya said...

Two very sweet diamonds! But the karate patch is the star of the sewing projects. said...

They look very small, but very neat. Great karate patch sewing, very proud Grandma :)

Sheila said...

Oh my. What cute little hexies. Such tiny little stitches. Makes me smile to see you use the little Laurel Burch Fabulous Felines zipper purse.