Friday, 18 May 2018

The boys did some cooking

Baking time in the house.
The boys making yummy banana muffins for them to put in their lunch box each day.
They ended up making a 2nd batch on another night.
These were vanilla ones..

Concentrating hard getting the batter into the pans..

Little boy hot dogs & spaghetti.. Thread the spaghetti through the sausage then put in boiling water until cooked. The boys loved them and ate them all up so fast. It made it more fun and tastier because they did it...

They did a good job. We all had fun.
Hope they do it again with their mum.


kiwikid said...

I haven't seen that done with hot dogs before, what a great idea!! Great to see the boys cooking, get them going young 😆

Maria said...

Looks like the boys and you had a great time cooking..

dq said...

How fun is that! It is wonderful that you could spend quality time with them.