Sunday, 15 July 2018

A little knitting

I made these cute bunny snuggle blankets.
We have a few girls at work that are expecting babies so I'm using up some odd balls of yarn.
This is using a CHENNILE yarn.

Here is the link to a fast easy pattern you can make for a gift.

Look at this lovely Lacey scarf.
It's knitted on fine needles in a feather and fan design.
Guess what? It's made with used tea bag strings.
They are tea stained and that gives them all the lovely shades.
There are about 6,00o used.

No, I'm not the crazy one.


  1. Cute bunnies. Thanks for the pattern link.

  2. The bunnies are very cute Jo..have seen those T bag string scarves, must take hours to knit!!

  3. OH how cute and soft are the snuggle bunnies... Fabulous gifts...
    Yep crazy but a nice scarf....

  4. Those are super super cute bunny snuggles. A baby will love them so much!

  5. These are so cute, Jo. Hope you are feeling better!

  6. Love the snuggle bunnies. That scarf knitter has too much time on her hands! Looks good though and that's recycling at it's best

  7. Bunny pattern is lovely, I must pop in on my Pinterest page. A great baby gift.


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