Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Piggy Bank Savings time to count it up.....

I started off last year with this cute little pot.
Well, my hubby kept emptying his pockets and it overflowed.

Now to count it all after I have spread it out on the table.
I didnt realise so much would fit in this pot.

A grand total of $144.10

Now to think of what I will go and buy.

Thanks Val. I'll be joint in again this year.


  1. Hi Jo....isn't it awesome how much change can add up. I too am thinking what to buy....and I've already started collecting change for next year. :) :) Thanks for joining in on the savings fun. :)

  2. It is surprising how much the coins add up Jo.

  3. My jar of 50c pieces managed to hold over $300! We used it for a nice dinner out at an expensive hotel and followed it up with a trip to the movies. And, it takes no effort to just toss coins in at the end of the day.

  4. Good job with the savings! Sounds like it's time for a nice dinner and then some fabric shopping.

  5. Have fun deciding how to spend it all!

  6. A great tally. Enjoy spending it Jo.

  7. Love the illustration with stacks of coins! Enjoy your shopping trip.

  8. Love how you spelled out the total with the coins. Have fun shopping!

  9. Excellent amount, great idea to write the amount with the coins! I had forgotten I had started a Savings Jar, just came across it a couple of days ago, must continue to pop in coins.


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