Saturday, 28 July 2018


I took part in Vals Piggy Bank Challenge. Saving some change through the year.
They pot I used last year was not big enough. I did manage to collect $144.10..
So I am doing it again this year. YES IM SIGNING UP.
With the money I saved this is what I have bought..
A new money box to start saving more.

I bought 2 metres of this lovely grey fabric to go in my next quilt.
And about 20 skeins of stranded thread. I have a few projects in mind.

Look at this panel. How cute is it. It has the centre, borders and a stuffed toy. All you need to buy is the border & backing fabric. That's easier said and done. I can't find anything in a matching green.
I'll keep looking.

This panel makes a book.

If you want to join in the fun and save your coins go over to Vals and have a look.

How much can I save this time..


kiwikid said...

Good luck with the saving Jo, is a great idea. Cute fabric panel, love the threads and the gray fabric.

Vireya said...

Nice bonuses from the piggy bank savings!

dq said...

That panel is so super cute! I bet you will find your color with perseverance. I needed some salmon pink the other day. I didn't have a sample with me when I went into a quilt shop. I walked away with three possible pieces all of which worked great once I got them home with the other fabrics. Yay! I am glad my mind could guestimate the color.