Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Stops along the way

A beautiful view of the falls. In a few days we will be going over these falls in the Skyrail Rainforest Cablecar in Cairns... This is just a different view.

The train stopped at Barron Falls for a photo shoot. It was a lovely view.

Mareeba memorial

We stopped at Mareeba for a coffee break. We had a walk up and down the Main Street.

Einasleigh Hotel......
Another lunch stop

It was rare to see the waterfalls in the dry season. They are so pretty. Imagine what it would look like during the wet season where there was so much more water.

It was lovely to sit back and enjoy the view...


kiwikid said...

Alwyas great to come across water in the hot weather, good to see that there is water over the falls. Y I u have seen some great places Jo.

Linda said...

We went on this train and also the Skyrail Cable car in April! Awesome views!

dq said...

What a lovely trip with beautiful sights. I love water falls.