Monday 2 October 2023

I’ve actually done some sewing and a request.

 Our group has decided to make a pin cushion for our Kris Kringle this year. We have found that if there is a pattern supplied we get more people take part. We got permission from Sue to share the pattern which is always the right thing to do.

The piecing has begun. I decided to make 2 at the same time because I really like the pattern.

And the buttons are on.

Here are the 2 of them finished.
They have pockets, a felt needle spot, somewhere to put your threads. Very clever.

Now at our group we have been asked to make a quilt for the hospital.

This was the request *******

I am a midwife at Mildura Base Hospital, and one of my responsibilities is caring for mothers and their partners who have suffered a stillbirth.

In attempting to create a less clinical and more caring space for these families, I was wondering if your group would be interested in making and donating a quilt for the birthing bed.

We would be looking at a king single size with a butterfly motif, which is the symbol of pregnancy loss.

Purple is the colour for midwifery.  Muted hues would be most suitable. ******

So I have asked for help with blocks to measure 12.5” with purple butterflies with a cream tone on tone background. Any design/technique is suitable. If anyone wants to help me please join in. Just let me know. Here are some ideas.


Denice Barker said...

Oh my gosh! When our little group decided to interpret six in something I made a cube pin cushion! I used spare blocks for each side.

Maria said...

Those pincushion look great.
The first butterfly pattern for the special quilt is lovely.

Karen's Korner said...

Nice work on the pincushions. I like how there is "storage" on the sides.

Janet O. said...

Very clever pincushion. I like your fabrics. They look very cheerful and fun.
The butterfly blocks are a lovely idea. Wish I could make blocks for you, but I am way behind on quilting commitments, and finding very little time to sew.

Susan said...

I agree - give everyone a pattern and people do it - it's a great idea. this an ongoing thing? I would be happy to help out -but a bit over-committed if it's a short-term thing...

Janice said...

Hi Jo. The pincushions are fun. I hope lots of members join in. Yep, I’ll make a butterfly and send it down. That sounds like such a nice thing to do. Now to find a suitable pattern.

Raewyn said...

Hi Jo, I love the pincushion, with the buttoned idea for thread. I'll have to look that one up! If you are still after butterfly blocks, I can make one, but not till later in October - let me know if I can be of help :-)

kiwikid said...

Great pincushions Jo, the butterfly quilt sounds wonderful, I too am a bit committed at present but could help later if that is of any use to you?