Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Another job done

Another quilt has been quilted for a friend of mine. She had a go herself but found it too hard on her shoulders and back. So I have done it for her. I did it similar to the last little kids one. 
All over with stars and loops with scattered animals. It has turned out really cute. All she has to do now is stitch on the binding.

The light inside was a bit dark with the gloomy days we have been happy but I was able to get the photo on the line before it rained again.


  1. Well done! You are a very good friend!!

  2. Cute quilt. Love the quilting. How nice of you to help her out.

  3. lovely quilt and great job on the quilting.

  4. Great quilting; a beautiful quilt xx

  5. You did a great job, the quilt is beautiful.

  6. Love this fun quilt, Jo. Love, love, love the colors. The little crochet Santa faces in a previous post were soooo cute. Sweet puzzle quilts. So many lovely projects in your posts. You are very talented.


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