Monday, 16 June 2014

Bindings complete

I have finally finished the bindings and labels on 2 of my puzzle quilts for the boys 21sts.
I haven't taken a photo of the labels as they are all similar to the one already done HERE
The one on the left was quilted with a free motion foot and the other one was quilted using a walking foot.
I am much happier with the free motion foot. It was quicker and easier and gave a nicer, flatter finish.
Have a look at what others were doing on Slow stitch Sundays HERE


  1. I love those quilts! Congratulations on getting them finished! :0)

  2. Your quilts are wonderful Jo.

  3. Amazing quilts.. love them.

  4. Both quilts look wonderful and I know they will be treasured!

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  6. They're amazing Jo - what a wonderful way for your son to be remebered - they'll be treasured for sure.

  7. Great finishes... congratulations!


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