Tuesday, 10 June 2014

A little bit of knitting and crochet

When my children were at school every Xmas time I would make little gifts for all the children in each of their classes. So that meant I made up to 60 gifts. Yes, they had to be quick, easy , cute & fun. Also suitable for boys & girls.
Now one grandson has started school I thought I would try and do it for him so he could learn to give each year.
Out came my old little patterns I have tried.

Cute knitted bells for the tree and little stockings to hang. I sometimes add a little bell in the middle so it tinkles.
Just need to buy some life saver lollies ( or something similar ) to fill the stocking.
These go down really well.

Well, I was enjoying myself so much I thought I'd try another pattern of my sons blanket my mum had made for him.
It is great for baby blankets.
Can you see the rows of cats with their paws hanging over the edge.
It really is a cute blanket and very easy to make......

I kept myself very busy while I was away enjoying my time with daughter & grandsons.
Happy to be home to my own bed though.


  1. You are such a generous person. I love the decorations for the tree, I'm sure your Grandson's classmates will love them.Not a cat person but I can see them.

  2. Love the knitted Christmas decorations, you're very clever I can only do purl and plain and can't follow a knitting pattern to save my life lol :) Barb.


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