Tuesday, 30 December 2014


Back in June/July I signed up to be part of a SANTA Sack Swap.
We were assigned a partner then had to go about making 5 handmade gifts and a stocking/sack or tote to put the gifts in. These had to be done and posted by 25th November and not to be opened until XMAS day.
How hard was that. Having lots of presents sitting around for all that time.......
Anyway, this is what I sent my partner, Mel.

Here they all are ready to put in the Sack and post......

Here Is a sweet Mittens stitchery made into a table runner, 2 cotton knitted dishcloths, some tree ornaments and the large SANTA sack to put everything in.
Now someone else just has to fill it each year. How nice is that.......

 A cute square bag, a fabric bowl filled with lollies and a hot chocolate drink pack, a double ended oven mitt and pot holder. I know Mel loves buttons so I gave her a pack of wooden XMAS buttons and then made her a button necklace. If she doesn't want to wear it she can cut the string and have lots of buttons to sew on her projects.


  1. What absolutely gorgeous gifts you made for Mel, Jo

  2. The gifts are wonderful. I forgot that I wanted to make some of those double-ended oven mitts!

  3. Lovely items sent and received.
    May I ask how you make those fantastic photo mosaics?

  4. Some lovely swap items there.

  5. They're all wonderful and will be used and treasured.. thank you Jo. Happy New Year to you and your family xx

  6. Lots of lovely gifts. I love love the mitten table runner. Do you know the name of the pattern?

  7. Beautiful gifts. A good mix of useful and pretty.

  8. Gorgeous gifts you sent to Mel...love the sack design, makes me think of a naughty elf !

  9. Nice idea for a swap. All the items swapped were very nice.

  10. Nice idea for a swap. All the items swapped were very nice.

  11. OMG! THat button necklace is the perfect gift to rejuvinate under our Tuesday Archives button theme this week. :)


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