Saturday, 19 December 2015


How exciting getting to open presents early. Thanks Cheryll.
My partner was Sarah from.
We were to make a sack, stocking or bag with 5 handmade gifts inside....

This was my email to her..
Just opened my gifts. I love them....
The soap smells Devine.
Have you washed the table runner. Smells lovely. The quilting is done really well. The blue will match my kitchen...
The purse is a great size. Maybe if I don't bite my nails I can use the nail file. Great inspiration. I will hide the chocolates from hubby..
I take it the selvedge pin cushion roll is for in front of the machine. What have you used to fill it... It's cool.
Love the idea of the photo frame.
I can put the grandchildren  photo with Santa in it.....
I'll definitely give the candle mat a go.

And these are the great gifts Sarah sent me...
All wrapped up......
Look at these gifts.
Some beautiful soap. With a felted wool overlay.
I will enjoy using this for myself.
It smells Devine.
A lovely zipper purse that will come in very handy.
I think this is a pin cushion roll for in front of the sewing machine.
And a nail file from maybe a place near where Sarah lives...

We are having a link up with Cheryl here....
So go have a look and see what was sent across the world. Here there and everywhere.


  1. What wonderful gifts you've received! Love them.

  2. Perfect gifts...and your long pin cushion is perfect for the front of a machine.
    Merry Christmas Jo... I hope you have a wonderful festive season. Hohoho

  3. What a lovely selection of gifts. Enjoy using them.

  4. Hi Jo ,wow what wonderful gifts you have received,enjoy them my friend xx

  5. Hi Jo. Lots of lovely gifts to enjoy there. Our lovely friend Shez suggested I drop by for a visit x

  6. You received lots of lovely gifts from Sarah..

  7. Beautiful gifts you received Jo. Enjoy.

  8. Love the gifts you have received. It's been a great swap. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Hugs xx.

  9. Beautiful and useful gifts. Have a very Merry Christmas.

  10. Gorgeous gifts - it is called a 'Skinny Pinny' - and yes you can use in front of your sewing machine - I use min e in my big sewing basket - just the right shape to sit in snuggly!!

  11. What wonderful gifts you received. Lots of thought went into them. That makes them so special. I am in love with the Skinny Pinny and may need to make one for myself. I took some time to read through all of your latest posts and catch up on what I have missed. You certainly are having fun!

  12. Wool covered soap, wow! That's really neat! Love that picture frame!

  13. You received such beautiful items! All of them will be so useful too.
    Merry Christmas!

  14. Such great gifts you received from your Santa Sack Swap partner! I love the fabric she made your tote out of. The felted soap is really cool! And one can never have too many pincushions.

  15. Pretty gifts from your Santa sack partner!

  16. Lovely fun you got to open before Christmas and didn't have to wait...enjoy...


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