Tuesday, 1 December 2015

A hard week turned good....

As some of you may know last Friday was my sons 3rd anniversary since his accident. This in itself is hard to deal with but it was also thank an ORGAN DONOR day on the 22nd. With us allowing my sons organs to be donated he saved 6 other lives and the future of so many families. It is something everyone and their families should consider.
On the good side it was my husband, Tony, 60th birthday.
So let's run away for some quiet time together.
We packed Basil Bus and headed for Boort. Well that was the plan. When we got there no one was at the caravan park or answering the phone... So we kept driving.
Here we are now in KERANG. This is a lovely spot...
We woke up to a beautiful day. 
The sun shining and the local motorbike TOY RUN was in town. There was also the market on. 
This is a very family friendly town with lots of places to have a picnic in the shade..
The little lake and fountain

All the bikes lined up 
enjoying a drink in the park watching the bikes

Clasic sic car and Toy Run trailer


  1. Happy birthday Tony....looks like a fun few days...hugs Maria

  2. Tough week for you and Hubby Jo. What an amazing gift you gave six families and I bet they give thanks everyday. Pleased you spent some time in such a pretty place. xx

    1. Not the greatest week for you Jo, but nice to get away for a few days in such a lovely spot

  3. A tough time for sure, but what a beautiful tribute to your son. Saving six lives! God bless your family. And happy birthday to your husband! That's a milestone!

  4. Happy birthday to Tony. Looks like you had a few fun days in the sun. Hope it helped you both deal with that difficult anniversary.

  5. Thinking of you. Hope Tony enjoyed his birthday.

  6. Happy birthday to Tony. As yiu say a hard week for you both Jo, but you have done an amazing thing donating and giving life to so many others... not something everyone will do. Looks like you chose the ideal place to go away to...lots happening. Xx

  7. Friday was a hard day I know and John gave to so many. That doesn't make his loss easier but I hope it gives you some comfort. Happy birthday to Tony, hope you are having a good time away. Take care and all good thoughts to you all.

  8. A change of scene.. yes.. I like Kerang. xo


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