Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Monday girls break up for Xmas and all other little gifts

I have decided to put all these special little moments and gifts in one post....
We are all very spoilt at this time of year. It is a time of giving. I feel very special and loved by all my friends. They have all helped me out in so many ways over the last few years. There have been so many times we have needed a friend this year and can only hope next year will be better.
Here we go.......
Look at these yummy cakes Jill bought for us to share. Well these are what's left.
 I was too slow getting a photo. They were yummy...
I think Joy has caught the scrap bug.... What a lovely bag she has made for a present..
Look at the wonderful flower she made on the front...
My lovely gifts from friends.
A plant from Jill, hand towel from Barb, cards from Rhonda & Joy.
A special letter from Bridget. Barb gave me a little kit but I can't show it. When it's made it will be for a secret gift...
A LITTLE SHOPPING SPREE. My 3.5" die for my sissix machine .
And a postcard stamp from my local scrapbooking shop
What a useful gift from the KILMORE QUILTERS...
A bag for our quilts at the show. Of course, some chocolates.
And a little Thankyou gift from my friend Rosemary.... YUM
A lovely gift from a special friend who I have known  for ab out 31 years and is part of our family now.
Love you Sue

My yearly card and message from a dear friend from 32 years ago.
It was not so good news and there will be an emotional visit with each other soon.
Thinking of you Jo.... 
My lovely tea towels from across the seas in the UK.
Linda you are a special blogging friend who I hope to meet one day.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful break-up Jo and such gorgeous gifts you received. Merry Christmas xx

  2. Hi Jo ,wow such beautiful gifts for a beautiful lady,you are a wonderful friend to many,love that bag,merry Xmas my friend xx

  3. Lots of fun gifts from your friends. Have a very happy holiday.

  4. Dear Jo,I was very touched to read your lovely message! I sincerely hope to meet you one day, you are a special blogging friend. Happy Christmas!

  5. So many special tokens from friends. What a nice time to feel even more appreciated than usual.

  6. Lovely gifts Jo from wonderful friends. I can see why the cakes disappeared.

  7. So many lovely gifts for a very deserving lady . Enjoy !

  8. Wonderful gifts which you truly deserve as you are such a generous person. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  9. It interests me that you call your group the Monday girls. Is it because you meet on Mondays? Well, I was part of a group we called the Thursday ladies (a few years back). We finally decided to call ourselves the Priceless Quilters because they all in a city called Price and our friendship is beyond priceless. Anyway, "Monday" caught my attention.


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