Sunday, 27 December 2015

My Chookyblue SSCS gifts are opened

My partner for Chookyblue's SCS swap was Oddbjorg.

Here are the decorations I made and sent...
Of course I added in a dishcloth that I have made for everyone...
Xmas decoration and dishcloth

I searched her blog and found that she did so much knitting. 

I made a knitting needle hold all
My stitchery on the front of my knitting needle holder

Opened up with needles, scissors, stitch holder, row counter and stitch markers...
Flap at top to stop needles sliding out
Row counter and stitch markers

Beaded row counter and stitch markers

Scissors with beaded strap
All rolled up


  1. Love the knitting hold all - great idea!

  2. Gorgeous gifts in your posts Jo.
    Very useful gifts too.

    1. Love what you made for your partner Jo. So great that you do your research - always makes for the perfect gift

  3. Wow gorgeous gifts Jo xx

  4. That is a great knitting the smiley teacup plant pot stitchery, very cute and happy...

  5. a great present for Oddbjorg.........

  6. Truly a wonderful gift. I love the redwork. You really put much time into everything. I am always amazed at all the variety of crafts your hands do.


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